Life in the UK Test

Life in the UK Test

The course helps you to prepare for the Life in the UK Test which is required for British citizenship and Settlement in the UK

Preparation for Life in the UK Test in Glasgow

  • We will teach you Latest version (3rd edition) of the Life In UK Text Book
  • Life in UK is applicable to those who want to take their Life in the UK Test and Need Help With The Exam Preparation
  • The Life in The UK Test Is the Requirement for people applying for indefinite Leave to remain an British Citizenship after 28th October  2013 along with Trinity B1 certificate as announced by the UKBA
  • We Offer preparation for Life In UK Test with Translation 

Training will be classroom along based on theory and practice test explaining in their language in Hindi,Urdu,Punjabi and English

Essentials: You need to have Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents – 3rd Edition book.

Please note: We do NOT provide Life in the UK Test in our centre. We only teach and prepare you for the exam.The course helps you to prepare for the Life in the UK Test that is required for British citizenship and settlement in the UK.

The Home Office requires you to pass Life in the UK test and the B1 GESE Grade 5 test for Indefinite Leave to Remain or British Citizenship.

Life in the UK course

The Life in the UK Test preparation course offered by ESOL Study Centre, Life in the UK Training is designed for small groups and it is taught by a bilingual teacher. Translations and interpretations are provided in Spanish, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

 Taking your Test

The Test is computer-based, consisting of 24 questions and takes up to 45 minutes to complete. The questions consist of the following topics:

  • British Principles, Traditions & Values
  • British Culture, History, Government & Law

You will be tested on information from the Official Handbook for Life in the UK Test.

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